Government of New Brunswick


Your personal data is important. That’s why Digital ID respects the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework for regulation of digital identity, resulting in the best possible protection of my data.


I am who I say I am


When registering for Digital ID, your real identity is put through a secure verification process.

That way, governments and businesses across Canada can trust you are who you say you are.



Security at my fingertips


For the most secure choice, log-in to Digital ID with your mobile phone and the free MyID app.

This unique combination can be trusted for conducting even the most sensitive transactions safely and securely.

Only I know my Login


With Digital ID, there is no database of passwords.

That means you're the only person who has access to the login you have chosen to use with Digital ID.

Secure and encrypted network


Transactions through Digital ID are encrypted to the highest standards. New Brunswick Digital ID is a trusted government service developed by Service New Brunswick.

Your safety and security are constantly monitored by service providers who are held to strict privacy and security standards. 

Privacy by Design



You don't want to share all your personal data.

With Digital ID, you only share what you want, and you always know when you do.



The Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) enables Canada’s full and secure participation in the global digital economy through economic sector innovation and the enablement of modernized digital service delivery. For more information please visit

If you use your mobile device as a login and lost it it’s a good idea to choose a different login to protect your account?   To do this, select “Unable to login?”  from the Login Page and following the recovery process by entering your verification code and email address.

During recovery, you can add a different phone or login to your Digital ID and the old device will no longer be authorized.   If you can’t do this immediately, you can contact Technical Support to request that they block access from your device you lost.