Government of New Brunswick


We’re working hard to help government create a “Digital Society” with citizens and businesses in New Brunswick at the centre of everything we do. Digital ID is an initiative of the Digital New Brunswick Strategy.

"​Digital ID will soon open to all citizens of New Brunswick. To make sure we get it right, it's available by invite only as we conduct a few pilot projects with the support of some exceptional partners."

Where can I use MyID?



From your mobile phone

Apps built for Digital ID make accessing services and information more secure and convenient to save you time such as letting patients check their lab results
without having to visit their doctor or clinic.

From your computer

Websites, and other applications built for Digital ID,
can personalize your experience when receiving government services. A personalized experience
makes it easier for you find and receive services,
and access your government records online
such as your children’s report card.



How do I use MyID?


Each time use application built for Digital ID, you will be asked to Login using either your mobile device or a login you trust. 

If you choose to use your mobile device, you have to have it with you so you can approve the login request.

The first time you use an application, it will ask for your permission to share some of your identity information. What personal information you choose to share is up to you.

​Rules on what personal information can be requested and how your information is treated is governed by the New Brunswick Digital ID program which ensures that Pan-Canadian Trust Framework standards are followed by the application.